Understanding the essential characteristics of news

The news is a short format that responds to special rules. It is an exercise in style that is characterized by its brevity and density. The rhythm, the start, the fall are essential. Nice creative exercise for the amateur or confirmed writer! In order to know to get all the Latest Media News, you must go through the various official web sites.

What is news?

The news is a creative exercise for the amateur or confirmed writer , a field of narrative and stylistic experimentation, a space of practice of all the techniques of the construction of a history whatever its kind (fantastic , policeman, science fiction). The news sometimes allows the author to evaluate his ideas before undertaking more sophisticated intrigues constructions for a novel for example.

The dominant features of this short format

In general, the story is organized around a single event (punctual or light). The characters are few and their psychology is studied only in the context of the plot that forms the story. To write a novel is to write in the field of intensity. “His effect and his techniques are concentrated, and as the time spent reading a short story is much less than that required for the digestion of a novel, nothing is lost of the totality of the effect,” Baudelaire tells us. Guy de Maupassant is in France regarded as the master of the new. He treats all the registers tragic, comic, biographical and symbolic as well as many other stylistic exercises.

The key questions to ask yourself before you start

You think it will be easier to get started writing with the new one because it’s short. In the short story, the apparent simplicity of the frame (and the length) often makes it the first writing project of an aspiring writer. With little narration, few characters and quick fixes, the short module is attractive to the amateur. But short does not mean easy. It is precisely its size that gives it its nobility. Flashes, reversals create suspense and interrogations. If you do not have the rhythm in the blood, better give up. On the other hand, the short story is a short story and dynamic that allows to quickly putting the end to a work. The writing must be incisive, precise. Every word must be weighed. When you have completed a collection of news, you can embark on a more ambitious project like a novel. The interest of the news is that it creates pressure in your work. It does not allow you to postpone your ambitions. It puts you in front of you every moment. Good news can make a page, so you have no more excuses. Regular news writing allows you to quickly gain the assurance of one who has already written a book.

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