Boating And Sailing In Akkulam Comes To A Standstill

In Thiruvananthapuram, there are several boats that are idle and are not being put to use as they have rusted. These boats now are surrounded by water hyacinth of a village named Akkulam. The Akkulam village is a tourist village where foreigners visit for leisure time, away from the fast city life. The village earlier had boat clubs and sailing opportunities for foreigners but at present, the neglect on part of the authorities in the village has led to a downfall in the tourism business in the village. It has been reported that the Department of Tourism at the State had granted as much as 125 crore rupees for the revival of boating and sailing activities of the club in the village but all of this money was not put to its specified use.

Today, the roads in the village are bumpy and this has resulted in inadequate transportation facilities being available to tourists. The Tourism Promotion Council at the District level claimed that at present sailing and boating activities cannot be possible and new boats will only be sent to Akkulam after cleaning of the lake starts. Even though funds for the purchase of new boats have been allotted, they have not been utilized as of now.

The secretary of the DTPC said that renovation of the village to facilitate tourism is the top priority of the department and all possible efforts of upgradation are being taken to revive tourism opportunities in the village and banks of the Akkulam. Till now, swimming pool and children’s parks that are well-equipped have been developed. The main focus is now on the development of the boat club and sailing facilities. The aim is to complete all renovation of the village by the end of the year. For this Phase 2 development of the Akkulam village, 4.93 crore rupees have been sanctioned.

We hope that the sailing of boats in the village starts the earliest as it is one of the main sources of tourism revenue of the village.